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Marriage Applications

Quinn Renee Kragenbring and Kyle James Connelly

Judith Marie Revier and Dennis Alan Sommerfeld

Joshua Earl Didier and Lynn Michele Headington

Samuel Edward White and Elisabeth Ann Jobst

Morgan Louise McKittrick and Jordan Henry Scherber

Randy Allen Thoennes and Michelle Christine Unger

Susan Marie Empting and Matthew John Green

Bradley Scott Vickers and Lisa Michelle Jennissen

Grady John Ries and Stephanie Kristine Redmond

Maggie Sue Leland and Joseph Donald Sisser

Peyton Ashley Arends and Michael James Haburn

Amanda Louise Debilzen and Kevin Luzerne Latham

Chad Charles Conroy and Trisha Kae Folsom

Stephanie Nicole Lowry and Michael Patrick Ingalls

Kristen Shelby Kalina and Zachary Allyn Lambertson

Terry Alan Bodin and Lisa Dawn Bodin

Abby Rose Weber and Isa Hiroki Watanabe

Stephanie Lou Brady and Daniel William Lajko

Lauren Michelle Dougall and Alex Fredrick Anderson

Kasey Dianne Wiechmann and Joseph Michael Jenc

Wayne Lawrence Shay and Wendy Charlotte Holloway

Stephanie Lee Meyers and Nicholas Jerome Anderson