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Law Enforcement Blotter: June 13-17


Wednesday, June 13

Assist other agency, older woman on west side of roadway.

Suspicious vehicle, verbal warning for license plate cover.

Conservation-animals, sick raccoon, Garfield.

Suspicious activity, comp saw a woman going through old vehicles in his backyard, Brandon.

Water-related incident, orange and white buoy washed up on shore of Lake Ida.

Suspicious person, woman in building sitting down on floor with phone plugged into wall, comp said the woman doesn’t belong there, Brandon.

Animal complaint, seven heifers on Calvary Road near Crooked Lake ditch, Osakis.

Criminal damage to property, someone put holes in woman’s garage.

Public assist, comp came across woman who was very distraught that her dog had been hit and died, Osakis.

Driving complaint, gravel trucks driving at a very high rate of speed, Osakis.

Shoplifting, comp reported of shoplifting incident that happened earlier in the day, person cited for shoplifting, Brandon.

Fight/assault, two men fighting, both arrested for fifth-degree controlled substance and disorderly conduct, Miltona.

Suspicious person, female sitting on bench in front of store, Brandon.

Thursday, June 14

Assist other agency, assisted Grant County with combative prisoner, Barrett.

Crash with animal, vehicle versus deer, front end damage to vehicle, no injuries, Kensington.

Traffic hazard, private contractor driving back and forth across the road, left a piece of equipment somewhat in the road.

Animal complaint, found a cat that had been run over but is still alive.

Juvenile trouble, young boy driving a motorized wheelchair around the area, cars have had to stop for him, grandma made aware of situation, Brandon.

Stolen vehicle, 2003 Honda Accord stolen from comp’s apartment, Brandon.

Driving complaint, four cars racing up and down the road.

Friday, June 15

Suspicious activity, vehicle took off, pulled into a driver and driver bailed, driver thought it was another person.

Animal complaint, barking dog.

Assist other agency, report of people breaking into a house and they had handgun, no burglar occurred.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle parked in lot for three days, Garfield.

Driving complaint, gravel trucks and other vehicles traveling well above the speed limit, Osakis.

Burning complaint, large fire in back of residence, warned about requirement for burning, Osakis.

Trespassing complaint, comp in lobby reported an unwanted person in his home he wants removed.

Assist other agency, report of woman kicked in the abdomen by a horse.

Motorist assist, driver lost his trailer and load of lumber.

Motorist assist, stalled vehicle parked near the river.

Driving complaint, road rage incident from Alexandria to Long Prairie.

Water complaint, small dead cow floating in the lake, will advise DNR of findings.

Shooting complaint, comp reported hearing what she thought was three shots coming from access, was fireworks.

Assist other agency, tree fell on power line.

Saturday, June 16

Patrol activity, two people found sleeping in vehicle, informed on park hours and told to move along.

Burglary, comp reported theft from a few weeks ago, six live bear traps stolen.

Trespassing complaint, people fishing on private property, Lake Osakis.

Public assist, helped man get his fishing lure out of the tree.

Suspicious activity, comp stated there have been several occasions where vehicles pull into her driveway and person starts taking pictures of her house, Garfield.

Suspicious activity, man said his cell phone was hacked and cell provider said he needed to report it.

Motorist assist, vehicle was overheating and driver pulled over to let it cool down.

Vehicle in ditch, sports car was driving fast and hit the ditch, driver is standing on the side of the road, Osakis.

Dog bite, person bit by a dog and went to Glacial Ridge Hospital in Glenwood.

ATV complaint, four-wheeler in park tearing around.

Driving complaint, all over the road, Holmes City.

Assist other agency, caller stating car went off road where bridge is out.

Assist other agency, two vehicles hit deer.

Found property, wallet turned in at street dance, Kensington.

Suspicious activity, people were throwing beer cans and bottles at train rolling through Kensington.

Traffic hazard, tree down and blocking the road, Carlos.

Sunday, June 17

Vehicle in ditch, car in ditch with four teens around it, one person cited for DWI, three others cited for illegal alcohol consumption, Lowry.

Animal complaint, dog inside vehicle locked in kennel.

Drunk driving complaint, comp said man is driving a lawnmower is severely intoxicated.

Theft, comp states 12 gallons of gas was stolen off a pontoon.

Animal complaint, cows out of road and in ditch near Lake Oscar.

Suspicious activity, comp can see three people with his security camera that by his boat on the dock.


Wednesday, June 13

Theft, comp would like person removed from store for trespassing and theft.

Public assist, person needs a ride home from the emergency room.

Suspicious activity, vehicle in parking lot with person in the backseat.

Found property, wallet found on trail, owner called and wallet was returned.

Fire, vehicle fire, flames underneath.

Parking complaint, car is parked where work needs to be done, locals said the car doesn’t belong in the neighborhood.

Public assist, comp believes a former employee took some money.

Public assist, man sleeping in lobby, needs help getting on his way.

Property damage crash, comp said her car was hit in parking lot.

Lost property, wallet and cell phone lost between Jake’s Bikes and Jimmy John’s.

Property damage crash, one vehicle, no injuries.

Fight/assault, man causing a ruckus in store.

Animal complaint, dog left in vehicle.

Theft, various items stolen from vehicle, Highway 29 North.

Hit and run, comp reported hit and run that happened weekend of May 26-27, minor crash.

Driving complaint, comp witnessed a vehicle pass on the right and almost hit a pedestrian.

Public assist, Jefferson Lines bus driver said she needs man removed from bus who was exposing himself and has drugs.

Disorderly conduct, man is standing in bathroom with nothing on, comp wants person removed from property.

Thursday, June 14

Public assist, comp is being released from hospital and needs a ride.

Found property, person turned in some ammunition.

Suspicious person, young girl walking a bike, looking into yards with binoculars, made contact and girl said she was looking at birds.

Suspicious activity, man sleeping inside vehicle.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, no injuries.

Animal complaint, comp concerned for snapping turtle on the road.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, injuries.

Property damage crash, one vehicle, no injuries.

Public assist, officer saw child fall off her bike, she had scrap to her knee, provided a bandaid.

Theft, car was parked on street, her purse was stolen and her ID was turned into the library.

Conservation-animals, kids dumping fish.

Noise complaint, group of people playing bean bag game, advised of complaint and had them turn the music down.

Animal complaint, comp said neighbor leaves dog outside all the time and it barks and then neighbor hits the dog.

Friday, June 15

Check welfare of person, man slumped on the ground in front of trailer, man was just sleeping outside.

Check welfare of person, man bleeding from head, unable to speak to comp or bystanders.

Suspicious activity, woman said she spoke with man in apartment who was being held by two men, no guns, but they hung a dog in the window, man was spoken with and everything was fine.

Property damage crash, vehicle hit sign and sign in laying in the middle of the road.

Property damage crash, minor crash, no injuries.

Suspicious person, comp states man in store appears intoxicated, talked with man and family and he has a medical condition.

Driving complaint, pick up driving all over the road.

Fire, vehicle fire, no flames, smoke only.

Theft, comp reported charges on credit card account that were not his.

Animal complaint, dog left in car with windows down.

Hit and run, vehicle was rear-ended, other vehicle took off.

Check welfare of person, man found two small children in the street, took them home, didn’t see any adults when he returned the children, wanted it check out.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, minor crash.

Animal complaint, dog left in vehicle with window barely open, vehicle apparently was running the whole time.

Animal complaint, dog in vehicle, was able to remove animal from vehicle, vehicle temp was not a concern however dog was easy to remove.

Animal complaint, dog tied up to post at library, person inside getting books, animal was in shade and had water dish.

Check welfare of person, comp was on her way home and noticed elderly man laying in the driveway, he was not hurt and she helped him into his house, she wanted him checked out as he was frail and seemed forgetful.

Hit and run, comp reported someone ran into his car, minor crash.

Saturday, June 16

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road.

Suspicious activity, man parked weird in lot and is slurring his speech.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road.

Suspicious vehicle, parked in cul-de-sac behind restaurant for last two days.

Traffic hazard, stop sign is down at the intersection.

Theft, lawn mower stolen sometime in the last week.

Animal complaint, caller reported several baby ducks trapped in a drain.

Traffic hazard, vehicle blocking traffic.

Public assist, caller said his trailer broke down and is moved out of the traffic, needs to leave until Monday.

ATV complaint, comp said an orange three-wheeler was going up and down the road for the past few weekends and is doing it again.

Found property, check turned in from Bank of America.

Burning complaint, passerby reported lot of black smoke, fire was attended and person had permit.

Public assist, person needs ride home from emergency room.

Drug-related activity, comp said person driving by was smoking a pipe or bong.

Animal complaint, chicken running lose in parking lot and causing traffic issues.

Driving complaint, vehicle kept trying to turn left, looks like driver was falling asleep.

Traffic hazard, three large tree branches on the road.

Sunday, June 17

Public assist, comp wanted man in vehicle checked on, window was down, but man didn’t respond, man was arrested for DWI.

Traffic hazard, manhole cover was moved.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, minor crash, no injuries.

Traffic hazard, removing large tree branch from the road.

Public assist, man needed ride home from emergency room.

Theft, bike was stolen, green Trek with orange tape on handlebars.

Animal complaint, small fawn running around the neighborhood.

Animal complaint, cat that was hit by car is on the road.

Property damage crash, no injuries.

Noise complaint, loud music is playing.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Celeste Edenloff

Celeste is a reporter for the Alexandria Echo Press and has lived in the Alexandria Lakes Area since 1997. She first worked for the Echo Press as a reporter from 1999 to 2011, and returned in June 2016 to report on the community she calls home. Besides writing articles for the Echo Press, she has a blog, “Newspaper Girl on the Run.” Celeste is on a continuous healthy living journey and loves to teach bootcamp fitness classes and run. She has participated in more than 200 races with her husband, Al, covering the 5K, 10K, 10-mile and half-marathon (13.1 mile) distances.

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