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Law Enforcement Blotter: August 3-5


Friday, August 3

Suspicious activity, caller thinks someone maybe walking around her yard, neighbor dog doesn’t bark unless someone is around, dog has been barking for the last 40 minutes, Garfield.

Animal complaint, fawn on side of road, has been hit but is alive, Carlos.

Animal complaint, caller reported man was abusing his pit bull, made contact with owner of dog, he spanked dog for barking, dog was fine.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported that someone hit a couple of signs on Queens Road and left behind a partial plate.

Assist other agency, man reportedly walking eastbound on Interstate 94 near exit 103.

Property damage crash, minor crash, no injuries, north side of facility, Highway 29.

Fire, lightning reportedly struck a house, County Road 120.

Suspicious activity, young people standing near a vehicle, one ran when deputy drove by, Brandon.

Suspicious vehicle, truck sitting in the middle of the road, was playing a game, was educated about driving conduct.

Saturday, August 4

Suspicious vehicle, car parked in/near the ditch, female sleeping inside, contacted, female was sleeping, husband works at new construction across the street.

Water complaint, two young kids on a jet ski with no parental supervision, Lake Osakis.

Parking complaint, caller reported nine cars parked in bike lane, Brandon.

Driving complaint, caller reported two or three trucks driving in the ditches.

Vehicle in ditch, deputy checked on vehicle in the ditch, daughter of registered owner left car to ride with boyfriend in semi.

Animal complaint, cows in the road, Kensington.

Water complaint, people swimming in the channel and jet skis not obeying no wake zone, Lake Cowdry.

Water related incident, assisted parties with launching their boat, Lake L’Homme Dieu.

Theft, caller reported theft of political sign out of his yard, Miltona.

Animal complaint, two cattle on road, Kensington.

Theft, storage unit broken into, caller reported lock was cut off, doesn’t believe anything stolen.

Animal complaint, caller reported a dog howling somewhere in the area, sounds like its in pain.

Sunday, August 5

Animal complaint, cows on the road, Osakis.

Personal injury crash, female reported her vehicle rolled, doesn’t think she is injured, not sure where she is at, Highway 78 Northwest, Ashby.

Suspicious activity, caller reported a man, who appears to be driving drunk, may have someone is the trunk of his vehicle, Parkers Prairie.

Traffic hazard, someone raked gravel onto the road.

Burglary, caller owns abandon farm, noticed today door was kicked it, all he can tell is missing is security camera, Kensington.

Driving complaint, caller reported a Jeep with its top off was being driven on the Data Trail, going approximately 60 miles per hour, three people in it.

Littering complaint, report of furniture on the road, Osakis.


Friday, August 3

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle with no plates.

Noise complaint, caller reported neighbor revs his motorcycle every morning around 6:30, heads westbound on 7th Avenue, wants extra patrol.

Driving complaint, van all over the road, missing hubcap.

Theft, comp had items stolen from him last night.

Suspicious person, caller reported man with plastic bag next to him, sitting by the wall, slumped over.

Drunk, man was walking in the middle of the intersection, drunk, swearing, smoking.

Hit and run, caller saw a van strike two vehicles, Highway 29 South.

Animal complaint, dog locked in car, checked on, vehicle was running with the air on.

Driving complaint, caller reported elderly woman driving, thinks she shouldn’t be driving, was in an accident recently, plates are expired.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, pulled into parking lot, minor crash, no injuries, Highway 29 South, 34th Avenue West.

Animal complaint, two small dogs tied up outside barking all day and night.

Public assist, caller is upset because he can’t smoke, says he’s about to freak out on staff.

Traffic hazard, deer in the road.

Saturday, August 4

Suspicious activity, comp was at coffee shop with friend, noticed a vehicle drive by couple of times, went home, noticed same vehicle had followed her home, drove by again a couple times.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported someone damaged the lock on his door, entered his house.

Animal complaint, dog in car with windows up, checked on, dogs were fine, 73 degrees with overcast skies.

Fraud, comp states unauthorized transfers from checking out to Africa.

Drug related activity, caller reported loud neighbors, smell of marijuana.

Theft, two juvenile females reportedly stole items from someone’s garden.

Suspicious activity, caller reported older man stole a girls bike, checked out, bike was not stolen.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road, made two u-turns.

Suspicious activity, person walking on the roof.

Suspicious person, comp came home, found man face down in parking lot.

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported someone was passed out in car, taking up one and a half lanes.

Sunday, August 5

Firecracker complaint, three calls reporting fireworks.

Driving complaint, anonymous complaint of vehicles all over the road, running red lights, switching lanes.

Driving complaint, caller reported man passed out when in the drive-thru, arrested for DWI.

Fire, deck fire, fire put out by officer, Darling Drive Northwest.

Public assist, caller wanted to speak to officer about off traffic in the area.

Suspicious activity, caller reported lug nuts taken off car and a broken window on the house.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported vehicle drove into a few mailboxes, debris on the road, five mailboxes damaged.

Noise complaint, several people in parking lot making lots of noise.

Burglary, caller reported home invasion, happened an hour ago, told to hand over wallets, phones and empty pockets.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Celeste Edenloff

Celeste is a reporter for the Alexandria Echo Press and has lived in the Alexandria Lakes Area since 1997. She first worked for the Echo Press as a reporter from 1999 to 2011, and returned in June 2016 to report on the community she calls home. Besides writing articles for the Echo Press, she has a blog, “Newspaper Girl on the Run.” Celeste is on a continuous healthy living journey and loves to teach bootcamp fitness classes and run. She has participated in more than 200 races with her husband, Al, covering the 5K, 10K, 10-mile and half-marathon (13.1 mile) distances.

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