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It's Your Turn: Readers react to rec proposal

Lakes Area Recreation Board Chairman Patrick Running talks to the groups attending a LAR joint powers meeting on June 19. (Al Edenloff / Echo Press)

Editor's note: This "It's Your Turn" includes comments readers made on the Echo Press Facebook page about the June 22 story, "New rec site raises questions." Leaders from Lakes Area Recreation, the city of Alexandria, Alexandria School District 206 and LAR township contributors are exploring a proposal to build new LAR facilities estimated to cost $5 million on the property that used to house Jefferson High School.

Paulynn Terhark: The sad part is all they emphasized is how this would benefit the kids in the city of Alexandria. What about the children that live out in the country or Brandon/Evansville direction, don't those kids matter to this community?

Deb Van Alphen: $5 million is better spent on a third ice rink at the RCC, in my opinion.

Missy Randt: For three sports vs. 20, not a good idea.

Misty Stehberger Tracy: I wish the plans included a swimming pool. The pool at Discovery is in use a lot. Alex could use another place for lessons, competitions and exercise.

Nancy Martinson West: My husband and I belong to the rec center. It costs about half of what the Y costs plus the option to play pickleball exists there. Lots of folks take advantage of that option.

Shane Nord: It would be nice to see this town finally have a nice youth sports complex with three or four baseball fields. That site would be perfect for it. Why is it towns half the size of Alex can raise millions to build and maintain fields, but we have to rent fields from the school district or city for kids to play?

Cory Wilke: Why can't the school open up its doors? They have how many fields how many more do we ... need?"

Tasha Pitcher: The reason why Alex can't is because it's the older generation who don't want to spend the money or have their taxes go up because it's not for them. And they don't have kids and don't care about the future of kids sports or activities, yet those activities are what keep kids out of trouble!

Robert Wegner: Here we go again with some guy wanting to spend a bunch of money for one of his pipe dreams. Learn to use the resources available to you or do like the people at North Star Christian Academy. Spend your own money to build your field of dreams! I commend the people involved with North Star Christian Academy for building what they have without placing their burden on the taxpayers. The people with money in Alexandria need to put their money where their mouths are!