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Letter to the Editor: Families should speak out on B/E school

To the editor:

In life, you have the "haves" and the "have nots." Some have money, some don't. Some have power, some don't. Some have a vision for the future, some do not. When you get a group that has all three "haves" good things can happen and it can be quite magical!

It is no different over in our Brandon-Evansville school communities, which also includes Millerville, Melby and surrounding areas. We have a lot of really good people around here. We have people who work hard, play hard, pray hard and simply love our small town life. But as everyone knows, we have been going through some struggles with some decisions on what we feel is best for our school's future.

After listening to presenters tonight (June 20) vying for the job as facilitator and project manager, I am filled with more hope than I have had for a long time concerning our school. Yes, we may still have the "no" voters, and the "yes" voters, but I am hopeful. I truly believe that we all really want what is best for the kids and the future. If we don't plan for a future, our towns will suffer.

Some of us have personally watched our children be in a bigger school and then move to Brandon and flourish. We want our small school. We need to keep our small school.

Bottom line is that families that have a vested interest in the school need to let their voices be heard. You are the future of this school. Please speak out!

Jan Campbell

Brandon, MN