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Letter to the Editor: Time for compromise, not confrontation

To the editor:

In the 20th century, a black person could not eat in some public restaurants. We rightly called it discrimination. Thankfully, now a person of color has to be served.

Today, we hear a lot about white privilege but what about liberal privilege? Mob violence, harassment and refusal of service at a public restaurant are contemporary examples of violating someone's rights. Academia, Hollywood and the mainstream media are complicit in encouraging this mob-like frenzy against the rights and privileges. When a group of people's rights are denied, isn't that discrimination too?

We've all seen the lynch mob movies. A couple of people work up a crowd, someone gets a rope and they all march down to the jail for some instant justice. They meet the sheriff at the jail who tries to protect the alleged criminal's right to a fair trial. During the trial, the truth comes out that the alleged criminal is found innocent.

Isn't it about time to do something about this misguided rage happening today? The very important midterm elections are the perfect time for a course correction. When you step into that voting booth, forget about color, gender and fake promises. Think about how the party you vote for plays the game and what they stand for. Think about moral values, fairness and equal justice for all. Think of how the candidates will handle the great power we entrust to them. It's time to send a message that we need compromise, not confrontation. If the candidate doesn't meet these standards, send him/her home in defeat. Know what you are voting for and make a difference. It's time to move forward, not backward. You're the sheriff.

Rick Thompson

Alexandria, MN