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Letter to the Editor: Stop having abortions and fight will end

To the editor:

I would like to respond to Karen Tolkkinen's column from June 29, 2018, "Can we just drop the abortion fight?" You quote some scripture to show how Jesus did not protest all the wrong doings going on in the world at that time. I might ask you then what did he do when he walked into the temple and saw all the wrong things going on there? Did he use honey? No, it says he fashioned a whip and overturned the tables and drove them out of his father's house. For it was prophesied that he would have zeal for his father's house.

I can not imagine what Jesus' response would be if he walked into his father's house today and would know the hearts of those in attendance and their desire to kill that which his father created.

"Let the children come," Jesus stated and for that to happen today the children would need to be alive! I can understand the desire to want to use honey to catch flies. But honey to stop abortion? Sorry, I do not understand. Catching flies is not a matter of life and death but abortion is. So I may want to take your advice and tell the babies about the gospel but there is a problem. Women keep killing their babies before I can tell them the good news about what Jesus has done for all of us.

You want us to use honey to save the lives of God's children because it works on flies. OK, please stop killing God's children in Jesus' name. There is a very simple solution to stop the abortion fight. Stop having abortions and the fight ends.

Tim Salscheider

Hoffman, MN