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Paid Political Letter: Why support money over people?

To the editor:

While Minnesota's Secretary of State works to encourage more participation in our great democracy by encouraging and enabling more voters to make it to the polls this November, there are dark forces at work trying to suppress the vote.

The Russians? No, I'm talking about Republican efforts to make it more and more difficult to vote. This is the party which is now actively engaged in efforts to suppress the census count of legal immigrant residents by asking them to declare citizenship, creating fear and lack of participation.

Another way to thwart the will of the people is to suppress or eliminate local control of local issues, as demonstrated by Republican bills during 2018 - bills to eliminate local citizen advisory boards that questioned the wisdom of gigantic animal feedlots. Easy! Just get rid of critical boards.

This is the party and the president to whom our local representative, Mary Franson, has pledged her support. Why doesn't Franson support District 8B people over distant shadowy billionaires and the well-financed special interests?

Suanne Engstrom

Alexandria, MN

(Paid political letter)