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Paid Political Letter: Hearings are a Democratic circus of deception

To the editor:

The biggest show in D.C. has been the confirmation hearings on Judge Kavanaugh. Because the Republicans hold a Senate majority, it's almost guaranteed that he will be confirmed. From the start, the Democrats turned this very serious selection process into a circus of disruption and deceit. It reached a low when Sen. Booker (D-NJ) defiantly violated Senate rules by releasing classified documents to the public. Other Democrats fell in line.

Sen. Booker claimed this was his "Spartacus" moment. But wait, unknown to the Republicans, these documents had been cleared for release at 4 a.m. that same morning. Sen. Booker's office had been directly notified that it was OK to release these documents.

Then came the anonymous letter about something that may have happened 36 years ago. All of this was planned maneuvers to create disruption of this most important process. It became a Democratic circus of deception.

Shame on you Sen. Booker, shame on the other Democrats who participated in these stunts. Shame on those who agree with this kind of Democratic politics. We deserve better than this. Vote for better leaders.

Richard Thompson

Alexandria, MN

(Paid political letter)