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Paid Political Letter: The facts about Franson and lead bullets

To the editor:

Regarding State Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen's letter (Sept. 17 Echo Press).

Sen. Ingebrigtsen questions a recent letter relating how Rep. Mary Franson voted for an amendment that denied the Department of Natural Resources' authority to limit lead bullets on state lands. By claiming that this was "just" an amendment, Sen. Ingebrigtsen hopes we will overlook the fact that this amendment's intent was to tie the DNR's hands so they could not reduce lead ammunition use on state land.

Franson and most of the Republicans voted for it. Readers who are interested in what really happened can check it out here:

Why" target="_blank">


continue to resist safe ammunition when non-lead bullets are just as affordable as the lead ones which are toxic to children and wildlife or any one consuming them?

At a time when the ruling party regularly labels objective facts as "fake news," we could shrug off the senator's misleading letter. But I continue to believe that a fact IS a fact. The truth matters. Franson needs to face the facts about her votes in the Legislature. Voters want to know.

Patty Bracey

Brandon, MN

(Paid political letter)