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Paid Political Letter: Kulp's political status has grown greatly

To the editor:

I have been watching Gail Kulp this past year in her campaign to overthrow the incumbent in District 8B. Gail gets more impressive all the time, listens carefully, does not make promises on issues for which she needs more information, treats and listens to all respectfully, regardless of their economic and political status and has grown greatly since her first run two years ago.

Her opponent, however, has consistently avoided contact with the public, including cancellation of a planned debate on Pioneer TV.

This year, Gail has put together a winning campaign, with what one commentator called an "army of volunteers." Just look at her website ( with her supporters at the parades in Miltona, Parkers Prairie, and towns throughout the district.

I am voting for Gail for a more respectful, responsive legislator, representing all of us.

Marilyn Tisserand

Garfield, MN

(Paid political letter)