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Paid Political Letter: Democrat Party corrupted by far left

To the editor:

The Democrat Party has been corrupted by the far left liberal elite. The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings show us everything we need to know about what the party has become. Based on his credentials, Kavanaugh is the most highly qualified candidate for the Supreme Court, ever.

Before they even knew who the nominee would be, the Democrats said they would do anything to stop that person, and they have. They turned the hearings into a sham, with professional agitators constantly disrupting the hearings, grandstanding senators, and unsubstantiated accusations. They have proven they have no respect for the Constitution, stating over and over that the accused has to prove his innocence. Don't we all want to be presumed innocent until proven guilty? This is guaranteed by our Constitution.

The Democrats are afraid he will be an originalist judge, interpreting law based on the Constitution. That is the definition of the role of a Supreme Court judge. Instead, they want liberal judges who usurp the role of creating laws away from the Legislature and do it themselves. The tactics they have employed are typical of Socialist/Communist regimes.

Rod Borden

Farwell, MN