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Letter to the Editor: I love my home, family, God, church and friends

To the editor:

I've had these thoughts for a long time and now after what we witnessed in the Kavanaugh hearing, it's time to share. I'm tired of being told by my former left-wing president in speeches around the world how horrible my country is. How dare he. I love this country; I spent 10 years of my life defending it. I love my home, my family, my God, my church and my friends.

I'm sick of being told I'm a racist, a bigot or a Nazi because I love my country and my president. I hate abortion. Nowhere in the Bible does God proclaim that it is proper for a woman to abort a baby. For you people who say it's not a living thing until a certain time, I say rubbish. For you less informed on the subject, if a woman who is pregnant and does not have an abortion, what will she have in nine months, a breathing, crying baby will she not? Are you going to stand in front of me and God and say you didn't end a baby's life? Isn't that pure ignorance or what? It's time for us, the regular people, to stand up for what we believe in.

For the people of older age like myself, the pearly gates are looming close by. Maybe it's time to look into your souls, deep into your souls and wonder where do I want my soul to go.

Did I make you feel uncomfortable? Good. Mission accomplished.

Randy Reigstad

Miltona, MN