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Letter to the Editor: Where is compassion for immigrants?

To the editor:

Illegal immigrant, asylum seekers, criminals, desperate families trying to escape the violence and lawlessness. Which is it?

We have heard the terms and each term describes very different group. Take a minute to look at what they are doing — walking hundreds of miles to try to find safety to escape from violence and poverty. That actually sounds like asylum seekers with a great deal of fortitude. They are risking everything they know for hope of a better life.

Does that sound like the story of any Irish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Bohemian ancestors you know? Sure, crammed in the bottom of a boat crossing the Atlantic with a carpetbag is different, but the hope is the same. Are there some criminals, drug pushers among the group? Could be, but probably not; the drug pushers have found a way to survive with the violence, perhaps even benefitting from it.

Where is the compassion and understanding that we hoped our ancestors enjoyed? Five thousand people? Hmm. Maybe one of the top 2 percent sell a jet and offer say, $1,000 to each to get started. Or the United States gun manufacturers who provide the majority of weapons to those countries could share some of the profit. Seems fair. They get the country filled with violence, we get the hard working people who don't want to live in violence. What about our rules of limited immigration? We can't be breaking those rules. Maybe the rules of humanitarian treatment, of many of our religious directives of love and care for others supersede. So which shall we call the caravan? Illegal immigrants or human families, part of our human family.

Leeann Jorgensen

Alexandria, MN